About Cafeteria Services

About Cafeteria Services


                                               Cafeteria / Canteen / Mess Contractor


        Welcome Caters doing another face of working in field of Cafeteria Contractor in Lahore since 1985. Our Cafeteria Company is working by the name of Shabir Ahmed & Brothers. We have done many assignments regarding Canteen / Cafeteria / Mess in Lahore and still running many projects. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers will aim to provide hygienic, healthy and delicious food for our clients. By the Grace of ALLAH now we become a very well-known firm in field of Cafeteria Contractor / Canteen Food Supplier.

        Shabir Ahmed & Brothers working since last 32+ Years, we are Pakistan based company especially in Lahore. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers are one of the Best Cafeteria / Canteen / Mess Contractor in the Pakistan. Our Catering and Canteen Services are hygienic and competitive with market rates. We believe in sincerity with work. Our major clients are very reputable companies. We will serve High Tea, Lunch, Dinner, Local & international dishes, Tea/Coffee/Cold drinks, Snacks. We able to serve special arrangements for various Official Meetings, Exhibitions, Annual General Meeting, Seminars and Functions as organized by the organization.

        Shabir Ahmed & Brothers offer you our reliable service for Canteen or Cafeteria of your Organization. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers believes in customized care. We adapt ourselves according to the needs of the Client and provide Best Quality Cafeteria Services at competitive market rates.

-If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at

Shabir Ahmed Khan               +92-321-7261588

Awais Ahmed Khan               +92-321-4829091

-Rules and Regulations we follow:

  1. The employees of Shabir Ahmed & Brothers will possess good health and would be free from any diseases, especially contagious and frequently recurring diseases.
  2. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers is a responsible organization and makes timely payment of salaries to its workers.
  3. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers at all times keeps cleanliness of Canteen premises at utmost priority for maintaining hygienic environment.
  4. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers uses only hygienic raw material for preparation of items.
  5. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers uses only fresh fruits and vegetable to ensure high standard food quality.
  6. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers can cater to the tastes of all Pakistani dishes with original taste. We can also serve Chinese and Continental dishes.
  7. The workers employed by Shabir Ahmed & Brothers will directly be under its supervision, control and employment of Shabir Ahmed & Brothers.
  8. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers ensures that our representative will be available for proper administration and supervision at the works to the entire satisfaction of the organization at all times.

-Optional Terms & Rules.

  1. Our client should provide space for storing raw material, sitting and serving space, kitchen equipment for cooking and preservation of perishable items, cutlery for serving food, etc. free of cost.
  2. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers can also manage kitchen equipment for cooking, cutlery for serving food, equipment for preservation of food, etc.
  3. Shabir Ahmed & Brothers will be responsible for washing and storing of Crockery, Cutlery, and Glassware.